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A brief overview of his life and work, from travelling the waterways of Britain to producing popular documentaries.

Mark attended conventions in New Zealand and the UK last year, there are no appearances currently confirmed.
The Entropy Plague - the last in the E-space trilogy - was released 12th March.  Mistfall and Equilibrium are also available. 


Stage & Screen

Doctor Who

Clips and extracts from his work as a television producer and director.
Details of all film and television appearances. including clips from many of his roles - here's Mark in "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott - available on DVD and Blu-ray.
Details of the Doctor Who television adventures including notes on available DVDs and novels.




Interviews and articles from 1983 to the present day.

Latest News

The Entropy Plague - the last of the Big Finish e-space trilogy is available as CD or download.  Click for further info/trailer.

Latest interview with Philip Bates

New on site - an interview from 1985!

Also see the gallery page for a rather nice promo shot...

Photographs from public appearances and many of his television roles. 


Doctor Who Cookbook recipes,  replay Turlough's chess game with Tegan from Enlightenment, fold your own Turlough...

Clips from some of his roles and convention appearances.

Latest TV Interview

Broadcast last October, here's Mark being interviewed on Dunedin TV about the Bougainville project, his documentaries and more!

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