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           Big finish

A brief overview of his life and work, from travelling the waterways of Britain to producing popular documentaries.

Mark visited the UK a couple of weeks ago,  currently no public appearances confirmed.
Mark recorded three more Big Finish in June!  Click for more information and for details on all the Turlough recordings.


Stage & Screen

Doctor Who

Clips and extracts from his work as a television producer and director.
Details of all film and television appearances. including clips from many of his roles.
Details of the Doctor Who television adventures including notes on available DVDs and novels.




Interviews and articles from 1983 to the present day.
Photographs from public appearances and many of his television roles. 
Doctor Who Cookbook recipes,  replay Turlough's chess game with Tegan from Enlightenment, fold your own Turlough...

        Latest DVDs     

"The Television Centre of the Universe" Part 2 will be included as a special feature on the DVD of "The Underwater Menace" - a Patrick Troughton story scheduled for release later this year, date to be confirmed.  (This is the second part of the interview in BBC Television Centre with Mark, Peter Davison and Janet Fielding that was released with "The Visitation" in 2013).

The Tenth Planet

This DVD includes an 18 minute special feature (titled Boys, Boys, Boys!) with Mark chatting to Fraser Hines and Peter Purves about their experiences as male companions to the Doctor.


The Visitation - Special Edition

Astute Turlough fans will know that this story had companions Tegan, Nyssa and Adric but they've invited Mark in to do two documentaries so worth looking at - 77 minutes in total!  The Television Centre of the Universe documentary is hilarious and makes it worth the price.

45 minute documentary "Grim Tales" Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton are taken on a trip back to the filming locations used in the story by fellow TARDIS travelling companion Mark Strickson.
The Television Centre of the Universe – Part One (dur 32’12”)Blue Peter presenter Yvette Fielding takes Peter Davison, Mark Strickson and Janet Fielding on a trip through BBC Television Centre, meeting up with old friends and colleagues as they reminisce on their time spent working in the iconic building.

                            Latest Videos

As the BBC return to Lanzarote to film a new episode of Doctor Who here's a reminder of the last Lanzarote story, "Planet of Fire" a few pivotal scenes which must be some of the most popular in classic Who!

Mark Strickson on JN-T: Mark spoke in July 2012 about this controversial figure, crediting him with ensuring the programme's survival by "Building a Brand" (click below)